Are you guilty of the ‘couch slouch’? This 5-minute stretch can help

Jan. 28, 2022, 5:00 PM UTC

In the middle of the chilly winter months we spend additional time curled up on the couch. We positioned on our favorite sweats and assume the place: rounding our shoulders, hunching our backs and turning into one with the couch. This typical poor posture — which I want to identify “couch slouch” — may actually really feel cozy, nonetheless it may probably actually end in shoulder and once more ache and whole stiffness throughout the physique.

Nonetheless there are stretches you’ll be able to do to combat the strain that this posture locations on the physique. I’ve created a stretching routine you possibly can perform from the comfort of your couch. You could even maintain the TV on!

Envisage to maneuver slowly, notably while you’re coming off of a really prolonged binge-watching session. Preserve each stretch for 30 seconds and focus in your respiration all via.


Decide 4

Sit on the sting of the couch alongside along with your knees bent and your ft flat on the bottom. Then select your left foot up and cross it over your correct thigh. Flex your left foot. Actually really feel a stretch in your left glute; while you need additional of a stretch, you can lean forward. Preserve your head and neck relaxed on the couch as you preserve the stretch sooner than switching legs.

Hamstring stretch

Come up straight going via the couch. Place your correct foot on the couch, straightening your leg straight out in entrance of you. Hinge on the hips, bringing your chest in direction of your leg, feeling a stretch throughout the hamstrings. Preserve sooner than inserting your correct foot once more on the underside and repeating alongside along with your left leg on the couch.

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IT band stretch

Stand going via the couch and place your correct foot on the couch. Flip on the waist, rotating your torso in direction of the suitable (in direction of your outstretched correct leg). Preserving your correct foot elevated on the couch, bend over your leg on a diagonal to the suitable. You need to actually really feel a stretch throughout the exterior of your correct leg from the hip to the knee. Preserve sooner than switching legs.


Hip flexor stretch

Going via the couch, step your left foot once more a bit further and step your correct foot up onto the couch. Preserve your left leg straight and your palms in your hips. Lean into your correct leg, bending the knee, until you’re feeling the stretch in your hips. Preserve sooner than inserting your correct foot once more on the underside and repeating alongside along with your left foot on the couch.



Sit on the couch alongside along with your legs straight out in entrance of you. Using your abs, carry every legs up in direction of your chest at a 45-degree angle. Elevate your increased physique off the couch so that your physique varieties a “V” type. Preserving your legs glued collectively, lengthen them out and up proper right into a straight line, and attain the arms up overhead. Preserve for 10 seconds. Repeat 3 cases.

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