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Larry Payne, Ph.D. is a founding father of Yoga therapy in America and an internationally respected yoga teacher and back specialist. The L.A. Times named Larry “One of America’s most respected Yoga teachers”. He co-authored international best seller Yoga for Dummies, Yoga Rx,The Business of Teaching Yoga and most recently Yoga Therapy & Integrative Medicine . Larry is founding president of the International Association of Yoga Therapists, founder of the Corporate Yoga program at the J. Paul Getty Museum, the first Yoga teacher to offer Yoga classes at the World Economic Forum, and performed the first head stand at the North Pole. Payne is co-founder of the yoga curriculum at UCLA’s School of Medicine, and the founding director of the Yoga Therapy Rx and Prime of Life Yoga certification programs at Loyola Marymount University Extension in Los Angeles.

Larry has been a frequent guest on national television and syndicated radio programs. His work has been featured in numerous national and international magazines, as well as in the Huffington Post, The New York Times and The Los Angeles Times. He is featured in seven DVDs as part of the Yoga Therapy Rx and Prime of Life Yoga series.

Larry resides in Los Angeles, California and has a thriving practice in Marina del Rey and Malibu. In addition to speaking engagements and workshops, he leads Yoga and health seminars worldwide.

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