Sunlight of the Spirit Yoga Studio – Update 2022

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Reading Sunlight of the Spirit Yoga Studio – updating 2022

It is an honor to teach someone who’s never taken a yoga class before – we are really looking forward to meeting you. If you think you’re not young enough, thin enough, flexible enough, fit enough – whatever it is that is holding you back from trying yoga – THINK AGAIN!

Sunlight of the Spirit Yoga Studio is the perfect place to take that yoga class you have been considering! Don’t worry about owning a ‘yoga outfit’ – just wear something comfortable that you can move freely in. Arrive 15 minutes before your first class, and as a rule, try to arrive at least 5 minutes prior to the start of every class you attend. You will learn how to develop YOUR yoga, both on and off the mat. We bring ancient techniques, wisdom, and the essence of yoga philosophy into the classroom, so you can take these into your daily life.

So the articlet “Sunlight of the Spirit Yoga Studio” end. Thanks you and best regard !!!

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