The girl in the closet: Yoga pants and heels – Update 2022

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Here is the question: should women wear leggings or yoga pants and high heels?

There is no single answer to this question. You will find fashion purists who will tell you that you should not leave the house dressed like that. Other girls will tell you that they like it a lot and that they look fabulous.

The dilemma of wearing high heels and yoga pants

Women wear them for everyday activities or for working out.

It is a fact that women like to wear leggings because they are quite comfortable and some designs are beautiful and of very good quality. But on the other hand, they are still just leggings. In the end I believe that finding an answer to this dilemma is a personal matter.

I particularly enjoy my leggings and yoga pants with all kinds of shoes. But here we will only talk about high heels.

A sexy wife in yoga pants and high heels

Leggings and heels: how to choose the best combination

Yoga pants and leggings are among the most comfortable garments to wear. Many designs are really of very good quality and very nice.

If you have a fit body and you really love to show it off then you will surely love to combine your leggings with all your closet.

Most leggings and yoga pants fit very well to the body so if you don’t want to show off too much then combining them with long sweaters would help you a lot to achieve that look you want.

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Now let’s talk about heels with leggings. There isn’t a woman in this world who doesn’t know that high heels help to stylize her figure and give the illusion of having long legs. So by combining your high heels and leggings you get that sexy look we all like to show off.

Leggings for that tight fit look, and heels to make your legs look longer and sexier. A killer combination.

Here are some ideas that will help you look great in yoga pants and heels.

Black yoga pants and high heels

Pretty woman wearing black leggings and heels

If we talk about colors black leggings will match with anything you have in your closet, and the same goes with your heels, it will look good with any of them.

Try that your heels are high because that way you will accentuate the effect of a garment as tight as leggings and create the much desired illusion of elongated legs.

Woman wearing yoga pants, high heels and a blue top
Woman in black leggings
Woman in high heels and leggings
Woman posing in black leggings and high heels
Woman walking in yoga pants and high heels
Gorgeous latina in high heels and yoga pants

Over the heel yoga pants

Yoga pants or leggings that cover part of the heel have a few extra centimeters of fabric to hook over the heel curve.

They are ideal for working out because they keep your yoga pants in place and leave a good portion of the sole of the foot uncovered to maintain traction and contact with the ground.

Over the heel leggings and yoga pants are not suitable for wearing with high heels. You won’t be comfortable in them and you won’t look good either.

The woman who waits standing up in gray leggings and sandals
Woman in high heels and yoga pants

Yoga pants, leggings and boots

Woman wearing a blu yoga pants and boots

Leggings and boots also look great together. You just have to make sure that the leggings are completely tucked into the boots, because if they bunch up you won’t get a very attractive look.

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Knee-high boots are very versatile and go great with yoga pants. Yoga pants and boots make your legs look long and slender. It’s a great look for shopping or going out for fun with friends.

Leggings and cowboy boots  also make a great combination.

Ankle boots with leggings

Woman wearing yoga pants and boots
Woman in yoga pants and boots

Pairing booties with leggings is one of the easiest things to pull off, whether it’s an ever-versatile tan ankle boots with black leggings,  or the ubiquitous black ankle boots with patterned leggings. Even with combat boots leggings look great.

Choosing the right fabric for leggings

Beautiful girl wearing sexy yoga pants and heels

Choosing the right fabric for leggings and yoga pants will greatly influence whether they will be successful or not.

Since leggings and yoga pants are garments that are always tight to our body it is necessary to choose those that are made of a material that does not look cheap and does not allow our underwear to show through. We don’t want to look trashy.

Fabrics with the right thickness and quality are the best choice.

Another important point is that the fabric should be stretchy enough to feel comfortable, especially in the joints.

Sexy leggings and heels
Girl in yoga pants and heels

I hope you found here some valuable information for you with tips and some ideas to combine your yoga pants or leggings and heels.

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