What Do Guys Wear to Yoga? — Men’s Yoga Journal – Update 2022

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If you’re used to buying clothes for the gym or sports, you likely go for looser fitting clothes. However, movements in yoga require clothes to be snugger and form-fitting. This will prevent your clothes from sliding up or restricting mobility in certain poses. The added benefit of tighter fitting clothes is that it is much easier to be aware of your body’s angles. 

For example, if you decide to go with a simple cotton T-shirt for your next yoga class, you’ll want to ensure that it isn’t too long or loose as it might end up falling over your face in certain poses. Keep in mind that the opposite is true as well. Clothes that are too tight will also hinder your practice and cause discomfort.


We touched on materials earlier, but to recap: you want to choose clothes made of materials that are sweat-absorbent, lightweight, stretchable, and durable.

Most types of yoga practice will involve working up a sweat while either lying, standing or sitting on your mat. If you find that you are sweating a lot on the mat, causing it to become slippery, then you will want to choose materials like cotton that absorb sweat. 

Men should also wear clothes made of stretchable materials as they allow the widest range of movement in your yoga practice. That means no long-sleeved shirts or jeans when it comes to yoga clothes for guys.

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If you know that you will be doing a lot of hot yoga or Bikram yoga, then I recommend that you opt for synthetic materials that do not absorb sweat as easily. This is because cotton will end up absorbing a tonne of sweat throughout the class and weigh you down throughout your poses. Not to mention it can become quite uncomfortable. 


Price is an important factor for anyone investing in new yoga gear. While I don’t advocate dropping $100 on a pair of designer yoga pants for men, you also shouldn’t skimp on quality for the cheapest gear possible. 

Yoga is a demanding practice, and any clothes that you wear are doing to endure a lot of sweat, movement and hopefully a lot of washes! Make sure that the yoga clothes you choose are durable enough to withstand these demands. Otherwise, you’ll end up spending more on buying replacement clothes in the long run.

The Wrap

As more men are learning about the incredible mental, physical, and emotional benefits of yoga, the number of guys looking for information on what to wear to yoga is growing exponentially. I hope that this guide has helped demystify the world of yoga wear for men, and helps you to make more informed decisions when looking for the best clothes for your practice.

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